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Let's take you on a visual narrative of design journey's across Nectar Creations Under her vlog, SERENDIPITY SPACES.

Little White Wedding- A trailer

Little White Wedding – The Journey Unveiled

Tropical Escape – A Trailer

Tropical Escape – The Design Journey

A Love Song

Intimate Home Weddings – A Pandemic Decor Diary

Truly 18 & Fabulous

Intimate Events  At Devshree - A Royal Decor Diary

Let's Travel The Regal Way!

DEVSHREE - A Regal unveiling

DEVSHREE : A Royal Rendezvous

From The Royal Kitchen

60 Is Truly Fabulous - A Sneak Peak 

A Disney Dream!

A Pop-Up Nail Art Kiosk!

A Bougainville Blush 🌷

Laal Ishq

POWER- Featured #GirlBosses

EMPOWER- An Editorial Journey

A Peacock Story

Godhuli - An ombré Pichwai Decor!

Shweta Luhana


“An interior designer by Profession, CEPT Alumni and a world Traveller by passion, she

is  a full-time optimist - dedicated to making the world around her beautiful!



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NECTAR is a design firm which specializes in I N T E R I O R design & D E C O R styling.

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