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My Story

As a child I loved art, I painted at a tender age of 5 & won numerous national & international competitions, I knew early on – that a creative career was always my calling. I always wanted to be an architect but destiny chose me to be an interior design student at C.E.P.T, After acing my college years – I knew I wanted to start my own venture immediately! I loved a good life & everything that made it a finer lifestyle – That’s how I pursued designing Interiors for residences & to fulfill my creative calling for ornamentation & floral fantasy, I dived into wedding décor design.


From passion to work

My school friend was getting married & over a random phone call, I was on board to design her Big Day. It became the talk of the town, Then I did my sister’s wedding which again brought in lots of appreciation & love ….. & just like that from relatives & loved ones to the most influential families becoming my dear clients, I carved my niche into the world Décor Styling & wedding Design.

A journey that was a serendipitous start in 2013 became my acknowledged body of work & ever since couples have never stopped knocking on my door for crafting their dream wedding & eventually create their dream homes as well.

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What they say about me

They define me as an exotic, whimsical yet very creative curious woman: I follow my heart more than logic & which makes my design canvases more humane & personal in my constant search for personalization in once in a lifetime landmark moments – be it your first home or your BIG day . . . I strive to create each of them such that They reflect your unique personality & desires, making it an unforgettable experience. Monotony bores me a lot..


They say my warmth & smile is infectious & establishes an instant friendship with each of the families who start as clients & end up becoming friends for a lifetime... My trump card is my cheerfulness but at the same time, I believe in sheer professionalism, striving to deliver more than we promise each time, making it an overwhelming design journey of a lifetime – Our testimonials and the gratitude reflected in each one of them are our biggest awards & rewards!

My method

It all starts with deep listening and understanding of my client's needs, desires, journeys & dreams . . . . from this empathy comes to the trust & unique interpretation that allows me to transform each of their desires into a crafted reality, making their “personal spaces & celebrations -  unique and unforgettable experiences – a reflection of THEM!


I’m an incredible listener, A traveler who has imbibed varied cultures, aesthetics, design practices around the world in my journeys . . . .  when my clients describe their emotions to me, this allows me to infuse them with my exposures &  create a tailor-made space personalizing every element, right from the smallest detail to the big picture  . . .

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Every Home & wedding is special and different from all the others and for us, it is an ever new and fascinating challenge.

Our team of designers works in synergy to make the most important day of your life unforgettable . . . .

Our creativity, experience, competence, love for what we do, open approach, and capacity for innovation, allow us to create unique and memorable spaces with each new project!

We can't wait to meet you!

Tell us your dream and we will make it possible

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Shweta Luhana


“An interior designer by Profession, CEPT Alumni and a world Traveller by passion, she

is  a full-time optimist - dedicated to making the world around her beautiful!



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NECTAR is a design firm which specializes in I N T E R I O R design & D E C O R styling.

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