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Created for: UDAYAN GAJJAR  

Project:  Fly Field & Mercedes car barn, Sanand

Type:  Interiors , Architecture, Art Curation  

Collaborations: Sarjan consultants, Aero Drape RAIFFE, Vintage woodcrafts, Kalatirth, The window factory.

A Father & Son Duo who shared a rare passion for flying Aeromodelling jets. AL- AIN, Dubai was their mecca & training ground for acing this craft, But it was time to have their very own Fly field in their Home Ground . . . Such was the journey that led to building stars & aces – A  rare Fly field in Ahmedabad for which we designed the architecture & interiors as phase 1 . And Later did the art curation & interiors element curation for a rare Gallery of collectibles MERCEDES that was the family legacy collection. Such are rare dreams that unfold new canvases for us giving us the opportunity to create rarest experiences.


Fly field was envisioned as a Prefab structure with an airstrip overlooking a wide landscape to allow an unobstructed flying experience. The highlight of this built form was the tilted Cantilevered Roof calculated by studying the movements of sunlight, to ensure maximum shade for the maximum time as one can find the comfort of flying in shade even at peak noon hours. Being the art lovers that they were, quirky graffiti was designed inspired by flying as an activity. In addition to this Fly club, A gallery to display collectors' Mercedes car collection was built, we got involved in art curation, Façade artwork  & interior curation for the same. The design took inspiration from Legacy of Mercedes as a brand & A story of monograms was developed which was iconic of all art curation for this iconic gallery.

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