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8-Decor  dinner (wedding day)-051.jpg


Created for: Maurvi & jay   
Decor production: Navin Bhai    
Florals by: Vivek Sultania, Buds N Roses.

Event managed by: Rang By Varun
Venue: NandanBaug Club Lawns, Ahmedabad

Photography: Memoire   

Maurvi – A chirpy bride, An Indian by origin & a foreign resident by profession and settlement, came to me 20 days before her wedding with all the glitter in her eyes &  little fragments of her vision - as to how her most awaited day should look like ........she said “ I like pink, I like Blush, I like a wilderness, it should feel Indian, it should feel enchanted yet very modern just like a Parisian / Victorian dream - Her chirpiness & the twinkle of her dreams melted my heart & before I knew, here I was crafting her wedding & weaving her dreams.


The Décor concept was a palate, Just out of the wild - soaring Doves, Twigged columns, Pastel flowers dotting the Bamboo lattice details with creepers & wireframe lamp suspensions ..... This was our interpretation of a decor setup for a bride who loved wilderness but wanted it the contemporary Indian ethnic way. It was  Intimate | Royal | enchanted - that’s how maurvi and jay desired their wedding to feel like & that’s exactly how we crafted it as a little Floral Paradise with an old-world Victorian  charm.

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