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Created for: Nishita Shah

Project:  Nishi nails, Alpha one

Type:  Nail Art Kiosk

Collaborations: Craft Canvas, CORE, Reflections .

Nishi nails – Ahmedabad’s famous Nail art hub. A Brand in itself that needs no introduction. When Nishita came to me & said – I don't want ladies to miss out on splurging due to lack of time, we knew an express nail bar was the answer.


Stationed at Ahmedabad’s favorite Mall – this kiosk was designed as the most stylish eye-catchy island station to attract maximum attention & pull crowds with its quirkiness. Huge Nail paint bottles as Installations along with wall tattoos designed as prints inspired from GONDH art in collaboration with craft canvas, wrapping the whole kiosk shell was the highlight of this express bar. It surely was eye candy for the longest time until Nishita expanded & took over the retail store to attend to more crowds. What better a sign of success & popularity than such a brisk expansion.  

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