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Created for: Shatrunjai Singh Deogarh, DEVSHREE 

Décor by:  desert pearl weddings  

Illustration partner: Mruna Mistry, kalatirth .

Venue: Devshree – A stately home  

Photography: TWS productions.

Being the Passionate traveller that I am, I love exploring rare gems within our country & abroad that weave culture, history, grandeur & magnificence. Unveiling here one of my expeditions which was the most joyous blend of travel, rejuvenation, perfect canvas for intimate events & warm welcome from royalty to adorn their regal Abode, absorb their culture, learn their secret recipes &  feel like being at home away from home. Here’s unveiling DEVSHREE  - My most treasured Travel & décor Diary.


For each one of you who’s looking for a Dream destination for intimate events -here’s Unveiling a Picture Perfect Chateaux Destination event Property!


At  Nectar,  I've adorned many beautiful homes, top-notch destination hotels, and private farms – But the pleasure I had while adorning this gorgeous regal home by setting up a vintage high tea & a gala dinner with even the most minimal was unmatched !!


Graced with Rosy Skies, Bright Chateaux, Pristine landscapes, Arched walkways & cosy courtyards - Dev Shree is a heritage home & boutique residence that makes a postcard drool-worthy pick for your special day be it an anniversary getaway or a beautiful intimate wedding. Imagine A wedding in royal gardens, A Haldi ceremony in Royal Courtyards, A reception in a royal banquet & an intimate meet and greet on a royal Porch - For each wedding that desires the Flavour of A Boutique regal Home – DEVSHREE is for you & your Dream intimate wedding & celebrations!

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