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Created for: Anoli Shah, MALIHA DESIGNS
Decor production: Dharmen Parikh,  MILAN DECORATORS
Florals by:  Vivek Sultania, Buds N Roses.
Venue: Kalhaar Blues & Greens Golf Living.

Photography: Memoire

Anoli Shah - A bride who was a fashion designer herself, had a beautiful weekend house by the lake overlooking a golf course. Her most desired dream was to get married in midst of the infinity pool.

Having a keen eye for details, patterns, motifs - Anoli loved Anju Modi’s work, which became our visual reference gallery to create her dream wedding. When I set out to design for such a context, I knew it for sure - The creation had to be a jaw-dropping head turner !!

The entire expanse was divided into 3 zones – starting at the entry,  set as a golden lattice box drawing patterns from Anju Modi's collections, crafted as an embellished welcome lounge surrounded by tall brass lamps leading onto the second zone – The pool chauri expanse. The motif on her wedding invitation card is used as a floral backdrop in the chauri . Diyas and Rajnigandha flowers mark the periphery, creating beautiful reflections in water making it one of its kind floating wedding chauri setup. The third & final zone was the food court sit-down dinner area with gorgeous Rust table overlays propped with brass floral vases & tea candles making it a magical royal feast!


Everything about this décor diary was Magical & Mystical Just like Our fashionista Bride!

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