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Created for: Nimish & Bina Barot

Project:  Private Residence

Type:  4 BHK Home Renovation

Collaborations: Aero Drape RAIFFE, Vintage woodcrafts, Fabindia,

Craft roots, Jk lights, Ceramic shoppe, CORE,

B KOMFORT furniture, Hayosha, Dynamic Living.

A 30-year-Old bungalow was revamped over phases to have a facelift & feel like a contemporary living space, The highlight space here is the Master Bedroom Revamped To feel like a Vacation Suite! 

When they desired - “ I love Travelling, I & my wife Have had our most memorable moments while we are vacationing across countries and within the country, As a designer I was thrilled, here was my chance to imagine free & indulge as a traveler who designs her own version of a vacation suite, it propelled me to create a personal space which feels like a vacation suite, yet be their enjoyable cocoon every day at home itself.


As a design Interpretation, We envisioned this space as a modern envelope with neat clean lines overlaid with an amalgamation of crafts, luxury, memorabilia, art & a connection with landscape for it to feel like a slice of a resort yet be home!


A tropical vibe is best felt when indoors and outdoors blend, We developed a Luxe Window seat to have the best view of the garden as a bedroom extension and feel one with the nature around. We love detailing & more so when our details become statement elements, we believe Handmade is beautiful — hence we custom-made our handles with ceramic inlays. Textiles are the Ornaments to a space,  And for this Tropical Abode we indulged Full-fledged into it, We loved Customising our soft furnishings with a mix of tropical prints, tones & Ombre.

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