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Created for: Vivek & Anjana | KR & Sons Jewellers

Event:  Wedding  

Event Managed by: Scarlet concepts
Decor production:  Shree Labh decorators  
Florals by:  Tulip flora   
Venue: Madhubhan resort, Anand

Photography: POD  

LAAL ISHQ: A Décor diary Designed for a family of jewelers – KR & Sons, this wedding was about everything bejeweled & reflecting royalty in contemporary Indian aesthetics.

The site was – Madhuban resorts, it was the same site where we crafted the award-winning “white wedding “ with this wedding we wished to go completely different – So we made it scarlet bright red, as a contrast to no color in the white wedding, beautiful red roses adorned the whole expanse – the event smelled of desi Gulab all along, it was stunning - just like a Sabyasachi royal wedding. Mirrors were the key elements adding the sparkle to the whole expanse – be it mirrored archway or the chowri backdrop, it was grandeur with rare shimmer adding to the glam. Just like jewelry which is priceless for its keen attention to details, similarly, this scarlet décor expanse was also appreciated for its finer details that adorned this grand setup.

Finer details like the arched mirror walkway with floral rose bushes lining up the entire length, to the amazing chowri with brilliant patterned Diaz with a gorgeous mirror & red rose backdrop – making it surreal & enchanting. we still remember Anajana- the bride having tears of joy in her eyes as she walked towards the Varmala Diaz, she couldn’t believe her wedding actually looked out of a royal dream. we still remember every guest who walked down towards the sit-down dinner couldn’t believe they were being served a royal majestic feast with rose bushes dotting the entire table array & crystal chandelier propping the canopy. It was these kinds of details that made the setup, not just grand but one of its kind.

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